Desert Adventures

Desert Adventures

For those looking for a connection to the desert beyond the view we offer a wide range of desert adventures catering to a variety of ages and interests. These adventures can be combined with a farm tour, workshop or overnight retreat for the ultimate Judean Desert experience!

Jeep Tours

Venture off the beaten trail and into the great unknown! Jeep tours grant you access to otherwise unreachable parts of the Judean desert. We launch ourJeep Tours direct from Arugot Farm into the wondrous Judean desert. Our Jeeps are driven by experienced operators and can hold up to seven passengers per vehicle. We offer offer two hour and four hour tours tours. Highlights include bedouin style hospitality, stunning view points, visit to historical site and Jewish outpost ‘Rukm Anaka’ , ancient wells, and hidden historical caves and water holes.

Guided Nature Hikes

Situated on edge of the Arugot Valley, our farm has multiple, beautiful hiking trails within our grounds. On our nature hikes you will learn about the rare flowers that blossom in the desert, observe the native birds and wildlife, visit the ancient caves of the Maccabees and hear the stories of King David, Bar Kochba & Rabbi Akiva who once roamed this patch of earth. Alternatively choose one of our silent meditative walks where you are guided into a deeper understanding of your self, and experience the serenity and calm that the land of Israel has to offer.

Snappling & Abseiling

For those seeking a thrilling rush of adrenaline or a chance conquer their fears, take the challenge of abseiling off the Arugot cliffs! Our abseiling wall is located directly above the Arugot Valley, giving participants 360 degrees views on their decent. Facilitated by a licensed guide, our abseiling follows a strict safety protocol and is suitable for groups of all ages. It can also be incorporated within one of our nature hikes for a longer activity.

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